Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy 55th Birthday, Linda-Mom

Today is my step-mother's 55th birthday. I wish she were here to celebrate it with me, but sadly, she passed away on April 14, 2002. I recall some of our past memories, both good and bad. I was so used to having my father's attention all to myself that I tried so hard to push away any women who tried to interfere in OUR lives. But Linda was different. She stuck by my Dad's side no matter what happened. And I'm so glad she did. She was the only mother I have ever known, as my own mother abandoned me on August 5, 1980 -- a week before I turned 3. The memory I recall the most is her nickname for me -- Mandyrella. I was Cinderella and she was the wicked step-mother. That was our own personal joke from the time she came into my life until the sad day that she departed.

She was so young and had so much life left to live. I guess God needed her in Heaven more than we needed her here on Earth.

Here is a birthday poem just for her:

She was my stepmother,
And she was proud to be,
God had given her this important job,
And it is Him she aimed to please.

She was my stepmother,
A promise to me she had made,
To guide me and protect me,
And to teach me in God's ways.

She was my stepmother,
In some ways different,Some the same,
No matter how she's seen by the outside world,
She always knew her place.

She was my stepmother,
My father's partner for life,
She showed me how to be a mom,
And how to be a wife.

She was my stepmother,
She did struggle, She did cry.
When my innocence was threatened,
She stood, and promised to fight.

For she told me I am the future,
I am precious,I am worthy,
And she tried,To give me everything within her power,
Everything that is right.

She understood if she received no credit,
She was prepared to accept all blame,
All the wonderful joys of having a place in my life,
She said were worth all the tears and pain.

She has taught me the meaning of selfless love,
The value of every second of life.
I am so blessed to see the world,And myself,
Through Linda's eyes.

I love and miss you so much, Linda. I hope that you can rest in eternal peace.

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