Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Judge

Sadly, we are critiqued,
By the people that we know.
By title or occupation,
And by the possessions that we show.

We judge by skin color,
Or by awards received.
By church denomination,
And by what we believe.

We're judged by what we spend,
Or by what we give.
We're judged by age and gender,
And by where we live.

We're judged by our past,
And by our education,
By the language that we speak,
Or by our nation.

We evaluate cosmetically.
We judge both fat and small.
We judge by one's appearance.
Fact is, we judge it all!

Some judge because they're paid to.
Some judge intentionally.
Some judge to build self worth,
Some unwillingly.

BEWARE, for there is only One,
Who evaluates every stain and smudge.
Good luck amateur critics of humanity,
When you face that Judge!

B.G. Wetherby

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