Friday, April 10, 2009

Have You Missed Me?

Oh my goodness! It has been such a LONG time since I've updated this blog. Well, quite a bit has happened since last August. We got approved to buy the house and have moved from Port Allegany to Smethport. I now have so much more room to work with and don't feel all cramped into a little space. But, of course, with this much bigger house, comes a whole lot more cleaning!!! Dan is enjoying having his 2 car garage. I hardly see him when he's home. He's always out working on something. Jacob & Hannah are enjoying the huge yard that we have. When it's raining/snowing outside, they also enjoy having the entire upstairs to romp around. And with the weather starting to perk up, we can take advantage of the pool!

As for Jacob & Hannah, they are doing very well. They are going to Head Start on the mornings of Monday through Thursday, as well as going to IU 9 Preschool on the afternoons of Tuesday through Thursday. They just got pictures taken at Head Start so I will try to get one scanned and posted ASAP!

Hopefully they will be starting Pre-Kindergarten this August. I am still waiting to hear from the elementary school if they have been accepted into the class. They are both exited at the possibility of riding on "the big yellow bus". I guess that makes them feel like big kids! They are both loving school and I hope that sticks with them!

As for Dan, he's still working at the car wash/tire shop in Smethport. With the weather starting to get nice again, business is starting to pick up, which he is relieved to hear. The winter is a pretty bad time for a car wash!

I got laid off from my job at Elexco Land Services due to this fabulous economy. With all the clients pulling out and not doing any more oil drilling and what not, they had no choice but to let some of us go. They just didn't have the work load to keep us all on the payroll. So for the time being, I'm back to looking for a job. Wish me luck there!

One other point of bad news that I received recently was that my best friend, Jason, just found out that he has a form of cancer. He is traveling back and forth to Rochester for chemo/radiation treatments. The doctors up there are treating it very agressively and have given him a 70% rate of complete success, 20% that it may come back some day, and 10% that they can't do anything no matter what they do. So if you all could PLEASE say a prayer for him, I would greatly appreciate it!

Until next time...

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Seldom Seen Acres said...

yes i have missed you, where have you been?