Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Home Stretch

Sorry I have written in so long, but there has been absolutely nothing going on in my life and/or my household all week long.
Here is a cute little pic of my little ones...

I am approaching the home stretch of my schooling as I only have two full terms left. I should have my degree somewhere around the 24th of June, 2008. I have been looking through all the Help Wanted ads to see if there is anything out there in my field of study. I'm extremely interested in the one that I found a couple days ago for the Head Start in a nearby town. Here are the requirements for the job:

Job Title: Assistant Teacher Head Start


1. Assist in implementing the NTCAC Head Start plans pertaining to the teaching staff.

2. Be prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of the Teacher in the event of absences.

3. Arrive at the classroom well enough in advance to have the room prepared for the children's arrival - no later than one hour before the children's arrival.

4. Assist the teacher in providing an environment conducive to the positive social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth and development of the children.

5. Assist in preparing written plans two weeks in advance of implementation.

6. Participate in all required training and meetings as requested, including on-the-job training.

7. Provide input into the monthly newsletter.

8. Prepare breakfast menus, and submit them one month in advance. Shop for groceries to comply with prepared menus.

9. Assist the teacher in completing the developmental profiles on all children.

10. Observe and record each child's behavior twice weekly.

11. Assist in performing a detailed inventory at the end of each school year.

12. Attend the second local Patent Center Committee meeting of the year and explain the education component with the teacher.

13. Make an initial home visit and at least one or more additional home visits to all children with the teacher.

Wish me luck. I talked to the teacher that held this position previously and she told me that I have a good shot at the job because Head Start hires those with more education, no matter if someone from within with more experience applies as well. I am 1 of 3 people that have applied for this position so far and I have the most education. I REALLY need this job so that I can provide for my children. They are the ones suffering...

Stay tuned for more...

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