Saturday, November 3, 2007

Who Knew...

....that I had married a Daniel Boone? Today, Dan went out hunting and came home with 2 grouse. He shot them with a 20 gauge. Although this was not his first grouse kill, he said that they come very few and far between.
He jumped 4 more after this, but you are only allowed to get 2 per day. He said he also saw a turkey and a 4 point buck, but not one sign of a squirrel, which is what he was looking for. He's looking for another black squirrel to replace the one that he got a few years ago and his nephew's dog chewed up. He was so upset over that.
Not much other news to talk about today. The kids and I just stayed home and played games and read books today. Hannah watched some of "The Backyardigans" and Jacob watched some "Dora the Explorer" and "Bob the Builder".
As for me, I'm just patiently waiting for Wednesday to get here to start the next term of my schooling. I have 3 more terms left and then I'll have my Associate's degree. The long term for it is Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with an Educational Paraprofessional Emphasis. It basically means that I will be a "highly qualified" teacher's aide, which is what the new laws of "No Child Left Behind of 2001" require. Then I'll have to go to an actual on-site school to obtain my Bachelor's degree so that I can be a teacher. I think that I am going to teach 2nd grade. Time will tell.
Stayed tuned for more...

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