Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life is getting better & better...

OK, so I'm sure some of you have probably noticed that I have not been around too much the past 2 days. There's pretty good reason for that. On Friday, I had the intervew for the acceptance into my Phlebotomy class. I had a babysitter arranged to show up at noon so that I could run over to Smethport to take Dan to the bank while he was on his lunch break and we'd planned on getting a quick bite together while I was there. Well, 12:00 turned into 12:30 and still no babysitter. I was frantically calling to see if I could find someone else at such short notice. Low and behold, I get ahold of my husband's nephew to come sit with them until the actual babysitter shows up.

So I head over to Smethport. I get to Dan's work and find out that he's not there. His boss told me that he took off with the company truck. So I head downtown to search for Dan. I find him at the local grocery store and explain to him what happened and that now I don't have time to take him to the bank or get some lunch. He gives me some money so that I can grab a quick bite after my appointment.

So I head over to Shinglehouse. I head to my old Alma Mater to pick up a copy of my high school transcripts. While waiting for them to be copied, I run into my old Home Ec teacher, Mrs. Perkins. WOW!!! She looks fantastic. She has lost a dramatic amount of weight. So we catch up for a few minutes and I realize how old I am getting when she tells me that her son, Kayle, is now a Junior in college. I used to babysit this child and he's now a Junior in college???

From my old school, I head to Jason's house to visit with him for a few minutes before I had to get to my interview. I always love visiting with Jason. He just talks & talk & talks so all I have to do is just listen & nod. I love him & don't know what I'd do without him.

So, it's quarter to 2 and I'm heading to my appointment at BOCES in Olean, which isn't until 2:30. I arrive at BOCES about 2:15, reapply my lip stick and gather my things. I walk in, sign the sign in sheet and tell the receptionist that I was there for an interview with Theresa. She directs me to where her office is located. There is already a girl in there with her, which I happen to know, so I sit in the chair out in the hallway to await my turn. After about 5 minutes, it was my turn to be interviewed. Much to my relief, the interview wasn't really an "interview" per se, but just a couple of questions to determine how much I was really willing to put into this class & how flexible I was. So I spent about 15 minutes in Theresa's office and she tells me that I am accepted! I was sooooo excited & happy.

I leave BOCES and head over to the nearest Burger King to pick up a quick lunch, hit the drive thru & drive over to Bradford. I had to take the acceptance letter that I had just received from BOCES to PA Careerlink so that they can get my funding approved. I have to go back to PA Careerlink on Wednesday to get all the rest of the papers finalized.

So I head to Eldred to pick up the babysitter and then we head over to Smethport to pick up Dan from work. We go home & Dan gets ready for our "date".

We head to Olean and hit Aldi's for a few groceries before they close. (Nice date so far, eh? Just gets better! lol) We come out of Aldi's to a blinding snow storm and we all know how I get when the roads are bad! So, I think that we got our groceriesn, our next stop would be dinner. Wrong! Next stop...Advance Auto Parts! He had to pick up some things for his car, so I go in to see if I can find anything Tony Stewart in there like an air freshener or something. Nothing!

Now, I'm really getting hungry. I thought we'd go somewhere we hadn't been before, or at least somewhere we hadn't been in a while. Again, wrong! Into the Chinese Buffet we go. Told ya we were stuck in a rut! But it was nice to get away for a while and have some adult conversation.

So, all in all, it was a great day & night.

Groceries, auto parts, and chinese food......what more can a girl ask for?

Stay tuned for more........


Luanne said...

Mandy, if you've never tried "Hong Kong Buffett" in Bradford, in the shopping complex before going up to Walmart, you MUST try it out. Trust me, you'll never ever go back to Chinese Buffett in Olean ever again. The food tastes so much fresher, warmer and better than the one in Olean anyday!!

Mandy said...

Thank you for your comment, Luanne. My husband and I actually have tried the Hong Kong Buffett over in Bradford, but he still insists that the Chinese Buffet is better. He only goes for the General Tso's Chicken & swears by the Chinese Buffet for that. I, myself, like the Hong Kong Buffet and would go back in a heartbeat!