Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time for Change

Well all, I felt that my blog was in dire need of some change. Those old polka dots were driving me nuts! How do you like this layout?

Classes are going pretty good so far for me. I just started Unit 2 yesterday. This should prove to be quite an interesting term.

I made an appointment for my physical yesterday for my Phlebotomy class and the doctor's office can't get me in until the 13th. Classes start on the 25th so I hope that I'm able to get everything done in time.

Dan's work-work-working as usual. He's really liking working in the outdoors.

Hannah & Jacob are progressing very nicely on their potty training. If Hannah keeps waking up dry as she has for the past couple weeks, I will take her out of Pull-Ups completely. I think that Jacob is going to need a bit more time.

They both enjoyed "Silly Feet Day" at preschool this week.

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Solomon's words for the wise said...

Hi Mandy,
I like your new layout on your very interesting blog. Keep up the good work...........Jim